This is a community of privately owned lots and homes.  There are regulations concerning age of residents, size and number of pets, the duration of stay for visitors, vehicle types and parking.  The District owns and maintains the public facilities and green space areas.

The District is administered by a board of nine trustees, who must be Florida voters and residents of the Park, which is Precinct 101.  They are elected the first Tuesday of November at the same time as municipal elections, for two-year terms, at no pay.  Five are elected in odd years and four in even.  All candidates must go through the Brevard County Supervisor of Elections office to qualify.  The Board selects its Officers from the Board members. All members of the Board of Trustees must operate under the provisions Florida Commision on Ethics which can be found by clicking here and selecting “Ethics Laws” on the Florida Commision on Ethics website.  The District is managed by public employees.

The District levies a non-ad valor-em assessment tax of $2097.00 a year ($174.75 a month) payable annually and in addition to the property taxes assessed by Brevard County. This tax funds the works of the District (such as wages of employees, care of roads and drainage, outdoor heated pool, non-heated pool, public grounds, ponds and beautification, periodic mowing, self-service Laundromat, standard cable service, 24-hour gate access monitoring).  On or before July 1st, as outlined by Florida Statute 418.304, the Board of Trustees formulates and adopts a budget for the costs necessary for the operation of the District fiscal year (October 1st through September 30th). A copy of the District’s Annual Financial Report can be viewed by clicking on Department of Financial Services where you will be taken to thier website to review the Audit.

Fire, police protection, emergency services and utilities are provided by the City of Palm Bay.  Trash pick-up, recyclables, and yard waste (Wednesdays-for all) are picked up by Waste Management under a city contract.  Each home pays its own charges.

Please understand the District cannot initiate service calls for individuals’ accounts. 


Legislative Act Describing Our Organization

Creation of the District:

418.30  Any municipality or county in the state is authorized to create one or more mobile home park recreation districts. Each such district shall be limited to the boundaries of a mobile home park and shall be established by an ordinance approved by a vote of the electors residing in the proposed district. Such ordinance, as it may from time to time be amended by the governing body of the municipality or county and approved by a vote of the electors in the district, shall constitute the charter of the district. The electors residing in a proposed district may petition the governing body of the municipality or county to create a mobile home park recreation district. If a majority of electors of the proposed district has signed the petition, no referendum shall be required to create the district.


For all of Florida Statute 418 click here.