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September 24, 2018

1.)  We are still on track with the Bocci court over hang installation. Should be completed by the middle of October.

2.)  All lights in the parking have been replaced with LED lighting. Let’s start saving some $$

3.)  All work on the security system to begin  October 1st, 2018

4.)  Removed all the bushes to the left of the showers at the pool. Will be adding a vapor barrier then some flowers and plants and add white stone, this will eliminate any problems with mulch blowing into the pool.  All ropes to the lifesavers in both pool areas have been replaced. We are currently researching a more efficient system for the pool covers. (very expensive!)

5.)   Sidewalk replacement has started. They have already poured concrete on Mystic looks great!!

6.)  Unattended hole in the back of the club house has been filled in by Spectrum.

7.)   On August 23rd while on inspection there was a downed tree limb on Keystone Court.  When I returned to the golf cart, there was smoke coming up from behind the drivers seat, I noticed a small flame. I called Shawn and told him to meet me and bring a fire extinguisher ASAP. While waiting, the golf cart was totally engulfed in flames. I called  911, the cart was a total loss.

I contacted the insurance company, the park has a (blanket inland marina policy) this policy covers up to $15,000.00 in replacement costs with a $500.00 deductible. This will not affect our premiums for next year. I had no history of the golf cart, not even the year. The insurance company based the replacement allocation on a 2004 cart. We will be receiving replacement payment in the amount of $3,864.67 after the $500.00 deductible. We have a credit from Golf Cart Center for the gator which was unrepairable in the amount of $1,000.00. We will have $4,864.67 to replace the golf cart. I will be going to their center to look at their inventory. We have ordered small fire extinguishers for all Gators and Golf Carts. As soon as we replace the golf cart I will continue replacing the signs through out the park.

8.)   The City of Palm Bay had to replace some asphalt at the end of a driveway on HPB. After showing the workers  some pictures of the blazing golf cart and the damage to the asphalt, they agreed to give us some of their extra asphalt they had on the back of their truck, they even delivered it!! Thanks Palm Bay!!!!!

9.)  The new home on 248 HPB has been delivered! The other new home on 142 HPB will be delivered on October 23rd upon approval of newly submitted application.

10.)  The new Gator for the grounds dept. has been delivered, we had a canopy and windshield installed on the other Gator, will pick it up the first of next week.

11.)   We have replaced two gate attendants with Darrell Brown and Ward Collins. Welcome to our Holiday Park family! We will be replacing the small poles by the gate house this year, painting the building, stripes, and landscaping.


a)  Maintenance has installed a new faucet in the kitchen

b) Purchased a new water cooler in the lobby

c) HPPOA has purchased new dart boards, we will install carpet on the back baords on top of the styrofoam

d) Checking on carpeting the sound panels aswell, in the Cards and Billiard Room

card and billiards room

13.) Working on the draft for the reminder letters to residents Re: pressure washing, weeding, skirting etc.

14.)     Spoke to Donna Arseneaux account executive for property solutions for  Spectrum regarding the (Bulk cable service and right of entry agreement) signed in 2013 for 10 years with Brighthouse. I asked if the agreement was still valid. She explained that it still is Brighthouse. She is checking on the cost to add bulk internet to the agreement.

15.)    There is an online class available through (Sunshine Certificate- First Amendment Foundation). It is a certifiable course and available to Attorneys, Public Officals, Journalists and managers. I will be signing up for three certifications. Cost: $75 for all 3 certificate courses.  Will be attending a one day seminar in Melbourne, October 3rd, (Developing Emotional Intelligence) Cost: $99.00

Next Major Projects:

Sand blast and paint gate to pool

Replace Bridges

Renovate library and lobby

Replace doors in club house, lobby, rec hall and billiards entrance

Restripe parking lot

Continue to replace and update signage through out the park

Continue research on acoustics in the rec room.

Upgrade computer programs and computers office & gate house

Working continually with the Attorney regarding the litigation with 206 Holiday Park Blvd.





– August 31, 2018

Hard to believe it’s September already!

1.)  All contractors have been contacted and contracts signed.

2.)  Had a very unfortunate accident, while inspecting the park, I parked the golf cart at the end of Keystone inspecting a fallen branch, when I returned to the golf cart I noticed smoke coming from the back of my drivers seat. Looking further I noticed a small flame. I immediately called Shawn with the grounds crew and told him to bring me a fire extinguisher. Right after hanging up, I called 911 as the flames were reaching the trees. I’m fine however the cart is a complete loss!! I am in the process of researching options.

3.)  Met with Joanne and Don to discuss acoustic options for the Rec Hall, will keep you all posted.

4.)  Looking forward to completing all of these projects and starting new ones!!!



– August 24, 2018


1.)  We are still waiting for the permits from Palm Bay for the bocci court hang overs, hopefully the first week of September. Will have the same contractor install a gutter to the right side of the east door at the same time.  Should be completed by the end of September.

2.)  Renegotiated the bid with Commercial Electric to replace the parking lot lights with LED lighting. They reduced it by 10%. Replacing the lighting will save us service fees and lift charges as they have a 10 year life!

3.) Renegotiated the Original bid for the security system, they lowered it by 25%.

4.)  On 6/6/18 Spectrum installed modems at the security camera site. I will be asking for a credit for the time they have not been in use. Can’t hurt!!

5.)  Bids are in for the sidewalk repair, replacement, I suggest we go with Doug Frazier Concrete and Pumping LLC. Quality work at a reasonable price.

6.)  Spectrum/Brighthouse will be filling in the hole in back of the club house by the pond. It’s been abandoned for several months.

7.)   I will be taking one grounds crewmembers with me one everyday for an hour for a week to finish putting up all of the signs in the community.

8.)   FPL subcontractors have been in various areas of the community replacing wires to the transformers. This is preventative maintenance and does not affect your current service.

9.)   Just an FYI, there are two new homes being delivered into the park, 248 Holiday Park Blvd and 142 Holiday park Blvd.

10.)  Grounds crew have labeled all equipment in the compound!

11.)  With the Board’s approval, we will be purchasing a new gator for the grounds crew. This is vital to the grounds maintenance.  We will rent a trailer to drop off the existing Gater to install a canopy and pick up the new one. Our cost will be under $100.00. This is for gas, trailer rental and Shawn hourly wage for three hours. Their fee for pick up pick up delivery is $450.00 for both Gators. Thank you to Bob Shortlidge for all of your research and finding us the best distributer. Not able to obtain three bids as all of the dealers were the same price. We chose the dealer closest to us in St. Cloud.

12.)  The tall bushes on Holiday Park Blvd. past the security station east side will be trimmed

13.)  The lawn crew are now equipped with mowers, whackers,  blowers and of course the two gators, again thanks Bob Shortlidge!!

14.)  The brush in back of Caber Ct. will be cut down this week, understanding there has been a problem in the past with potential trespassers. (Grounds crew doing a great job!)

15.)  Island Pressure Washing will start pressure washing the sound wall the 2nd week of September. Thanks Theresa Grimes and Annette Ragis for the tip on the mold season for the wall!

16.)  We no longer employ the temp. from Manpower. Kathi did a fabulous job however we are able to manage the administration office with myself and Breanna. Savings  $1,600.00 per month.

17.)   On of October 1st, 2018 we will renegotiate the contract starting with Turn Key Book keeping services.  We will be start bi-weekly book keeping services. Some weeks we only have 4 or 5 invoices to process. This can be done twice monthly Savings  *$187.50 per month.

*after recaluclating I have found the total savings each month would actually come to $375

18.)  Part time employees will no longer receive holiday pay whether they work the holiday or not. (substantial savings)

19.)  We are researching a voice to text program for the transcription of the Board Minutes. Kendra has offered to help us!!!

20.)  We will be sending out a cover letter, reminder to all of our residents to please;

Pressure wash or paint your homes if needed

Repair or replace skirting

Pull your weeds

Remove weeds from your gutters

Clean up car ports

Register or remove unregistered vehicles

Pick up after your pets

If you have any additions please let the office know. The letter will go out in October.

21.)  The Website now has audio so you can listen to the board meetings. The web site will continually be updated.  Fresh Start has been a wonderful support system!! We had a tutorial and can maneuver the site from our office!!! We will continue using Inmotion to host our site. We are negotiating a 3 year plan, this will give a us a substantial savings with no issues shutting down!!

22.)  As mentioned in my last summary, the office will be closing at 4pm Monday through Friday. The staff will take a 30 minute staggered lunch break, there will be someone in the office at all times. If we feel we need to catch up on administrative issues/ work, we will close the window between 3 and 4 during volume season. I am estimating a savings of $100.00 per month.

23.) Per Jean Beach, the changes and updates to the new comer packet have been completed, we have started updating the (about us) booklets.

I am working with Ellouise to replace the back boards for the dart cabinet and boards, once they arrive we will have more info and proceed from there

We are still deliberating on replacing the card tables or using the round white tables for the card players, any feed back is welcome!


1.) Are licenses considered  business expense re; Notary, CAM??

2.) Educational classes, seminars  business expense?

3.) Employee Mileage business expense?

Side notes

The insurance claim from Charles Roderick for the alleged theft of his pontoon boat have all been denied from our insurance carrier  See attachment

Working with the Attorney regarding the litigation with 206 Holiday Park Blvd.

L– August 10, 2018

1.)     Robert Scott Construction was unable to obtain the permits from the city Palm Bay for the bocci over hangs as he dos not have the required license.  I have another contractor who (Barefoot Services) is getting the engineer drawings and will then Apply for permits. (same price)

2.)    The pool continues to hold its own, no leaks!!!

3.)     We have enclosed the propane tank with a pvc fencing and painted the top white, we’ll be putting white slats in the fence behind the tank. Looks great!!

4.)     I have 24 more signs to be installed through out the park in the next month. The first has been installed at the guard building we will continue replacing the rest of the signs, stop, speed limit etc.

5.)     Will be replacing  the trash cans in all restrooms and adding 2 more of the stainless to the rec room.

6.)      Replaced life saver ring at the dock at the entrance of the park, also replaced the fountain head and the lights are now working after several years, very nice!

7.)      Office is no longer charging for making copies and sending faxes for residents within a reasonable amount TBD by district manager.

8.)      One of the commercial lawn mowers was serviced at Causeway mowers, new pullies, spindles, belts etc. ($915.00)  This fee included pick up and delivery charges, good as new!!  We are also replacing the clutch on one of the gators, was picked up and will be delivered next week.  Glover oil has installed a meter in the 300 gallon gas receptacle for quantity control.

9.)      All 3 pool tables were resurfaced and the rails replaced.

10.)   All but 2 vehicles in the compound are now in compliance with HP rules and regs, all have current registrations, waiting for the 2 owners to bring them to the office for decals.

11.)    23 letters of violation have been sent out for power washing, trailers in driveways etc., response has been very positive!!

12.)    Will be replacing all of the ripped chairs in the office

13.)    Commercial Electric will be replacing the tall ballasts in and around the parking lot with LED lights 7 poles, 5 doubles and 2 singles., suppose to have a ten year life span!!!

14.)    Joanne, Don Washington  and I met with audio companies, Joanne and I met with  painting, carpet and interior design companies, waiting for Don to return to the park and also the next board meeting to proceed with plans, I suggest we compile a committee for the renovation of the library and furniture replacement in the lobby.

15.)   We are diligently working on getting the web site updated and running again. You can still view it on line, however we can’t add anything at this time.   The company after 9 years discontinued the program we used to edit our site. Will be meeting with a web designer Monday , he does all of the Patrick Air Force base sites and has offered to do ours as a side job.  He was referred to us by one of the audio companies we are working with.

16.)    Researching replacement of the card tables and also back board for darts, would like to recover the sound deterrent panels in the card room with a different color as well.

17.)    After a year the security cameras are still not working properly, after repeated attempts to repair, replace equipment we are no longer using this company (fired) we will be adding a camera to the guard building and cleaning up and fixing the mess they left behind.  There are several open invoices that they have submitted, I will be reviewing these and speaking with the new security company  and will pay them accordingly.

18.)    Our Manpower temp office  employee will be given a 2 week notice on Monday. I can’t say we are caught up as we continue to start new projects each day. We are able to manage these with the current office staff without the temp.  A big Thank You to Kathy!!!!


– May 22, 2018
Renew Renter Access Decals:


Your access decal will expire on June 30, 2018. Please come to the District Office Mon – Fri 8 am to 5 pm to get a new access decal. There will be a limited time before the gate starts to remove decals after they expire.




– May 11, 2018


As you can see, we have a new sign! 3 signs were installed Thrusday morning. The new marquee, the directional sign at the front, and the recreation center! More picutres to come. As for our new Holiday Park sign, Art Kraft has told us we are still waiting on the permit from the City of Palm Bay.






– May 4, 2018




A quick update from the Holiday Park maintenance team: Jose Rivera the Buliding Maintenance Supervisor reports that he currently filling cracks around the pool deck and touching up spots that require paint. Shawn Shaffer the Park Maintenance Supervisor is happy to say mowing is going above and beyond their set shcedule having mowed 80% of the Park. Shawn continues to clear out the back pond and is working on getting the alage under control. He has also added a block off to the path at the bridge on Blossom Ln. so they can beautify the green space.


 – December 29, 2017




Office Closed:


  • The Office will be closed on Monday January 1, 2018 in observance of the New Years Day holiday.Renew Owner Access Decals:Your access decal will expire on December 31, 2017. Please come to the District Office Mon – Fri 8 am to 5 pm to get a new access decal. There will be a limited time before the gate starts to remove decals after they expire.


– November 22, 2017




Renew Owner Access Decals




  • We have begun the process of renewing owner access decals. Your access decal will expire on December 31, 2017. Please come to the District Office Mon – Fri 8 am to 5 pm to get a new access decal.




October 6, 2017




Hurricane Irma Update on Clean Up Efforts as of Monday, October 02, 2017


  • Holiday Park is in the City’s Contractor queue to have the yard debris that has been deposited outside the Americana gate picked up, timing is TBD.  In the meantime, all the debris piled on the inside of the gate will be moved THIS WEEK to the outside by Endeavor Construction.
  • Holiday Park is also in the City’s Contractor queue to actually come into the park and pick up lawn debris at the street as well as, large appliances, furniture and mobile home debris, timing is TBD, could still be several weeks!  All debris MUST BE separated into individual piles by type of debris.
  • The Maintenance Team continues to try to balance their workload between maintaining residential properties (1st Priority) and cleaning up green spaces (2nd Priority).




Sept. 20, 2017




Hurricane Recovery Update from the District Office:




  • Residential Properties – Debris Removal:
    Waste Management WILL NOT be picking up lawn/yard debris caused by the storm.  This is a function of FEMA but as you know from previous storms, FEMA WILL NOT come into the Park to pick up lawn debris.








o   We have contracts with 2 Disaster Recovery companies, CESES and Thompson.  I have placed calls into both to inquire on their services, timing and costs.


o   I would encourage Residents to use their Waste Management household Green cans to discard lawn/yard debris and take it to the curb for pick up.


o   Residents are welcome to take their lawn/yard debris to the Americana gate and deposit it there.  PLEASE ONLY TAKE LAWN & YARD DEBRIS.


o   Residents should continue to move their lawn/yard debris to the street if the chose not to take it the Americana gate.


o   The Maintenance Team is fully engaged in clearing Green Spaces and doing their best to balance that activity with maintaining some semblance of a lawn mowing cadence.  I have not yet engaged them in removing lawn/yard debris from Residential Properties.




  • District Properties Debris Removal:


Waste Management WILL NOT be picking up lawn/yard debris caused by the storm.  This is a function of FEMA but as you know from previous storms, FEMA WILL NOT come into the Park to pick up lawn debris.




       Current/Ongoing Activities:


o   Clean up at the back pond is nearing 100% complete.


o   4 other green spaces have heavy debris, they will be cleaned 1 at a time and debris will be hauled to the Americana gate.




o   Members of the team continue to make rounds through the park to pick up aluminum debris.  Please continue to take your aluminum debris to the street if you would like the maintenance team to pick it up.  If you have aluminum that has not been picked up, call the office and we will keep a list of properties where a pick up needs to be made.


o   As mentioned earlier, the Maintenance Team is doing their best to balance debris removal activity with maintaining some semblance of a lawn mowing cadence.




  • Clubhouse:


As mentioned previously, the Clubhouse sustained minor damage.  I’ve been in contact with FMIT, our insurance company, they’ve agreed to do an onsite assessment in the next 7-10 days.




       Damages include:


o   Four posts on the North side of the chain link fence surround the pool have snapped/bent so the fence is leaning.


o   Our Fire Alarm System was damaged, it has been fixed!


o   One side of awning on one of the pool deck shade roofs ripped off.


o   A vent cover on the roof over the billiard room blew off.


o   The light pole in the outdoor game area was blown down.


o   The shuffleboard courts lost many of the plastic playing surfaces, some are broken.


o   A door to one of the small storage rooms in the outdoor game area blew off.


o   2 round globes in the clubhouse parking lot blew off.